What is temperature controlled goods?

Temperature controlled goods (TCG)

Temperature controlled goods are items that require a controlled temperature environment during its transportation e.g. frozen or chilled goods. The temperature-sensitive products usually have to be kept at a specific temperature to avoid growing bacteria, perishing or going bad. These items may include dairy products, meat, fish and seafood, plants, medicines and fruit and vegetables. The products must be perfect/sellable condition, so it is vital for the temperature to remain as required throughout the entire journey. Freight forwarders may have to think about how they load products, as well as if there are multimodal forms of transport needed for a journey from the place of produce, to the market. 


What is perishable goods?


Perishables are items that are classified as perishable or sensitive, and are at risk of damage or decomposition if not packaged appropriately or kept in controlled conditions. These items may consist of fruit, veg, fish, meats, milk, cheese, medicines, flowers, materials (such as paper, silk, cotton). Perishables are slightly different to TCGs, as it may require specific environments for the produce to arrive safely to its destination. For example, paper, silk or cotton would have to be handled with care, and would have to be protected from any moisture or other damage that may affect its quality. 


Both forms of freight loads have to handled with care. It is important to hire freight forwarders with expertise and knowledge in the TCG and/or perishables field of freight, otherwise it could cost your load’s quality if not transported correctly.