It’s a known fact that we – manufacturers and consumers – could be doing more to make the most out of our resources. Whether it’s reducing waste, packaging or making the world a greener place, efforts are being made, particularly for the logistics industry and the supply chain.

Innovative products have been created to not only meet the aforementioned reasons, but to also make logistics more efficient. How? Let’s take a look…

Autonomous electric trucks

Although the amount of electric vehicles being manufactured and used have soared over recent years, emissions are still on the rise whether we like it or not. However, the silver lining is that low-carbon heavy good vehicles (HGVs) are now being developed and utilised by companies such as Volvo and Nikola Motor. Furthermore, DB Schenker have received clearance to a real-size prototype, the T-Pod, for their autonomous and fully electric truck to be driven on public roads in Sweden. Once it is successfully programmed with the upcoming route it will be taking, the vehicle uses radar, liar and camera technology as its awareness of real-time factors such as traffic, roadworks, pedestrians and even animals.

Air purifiers for London

London – England’s capital. It’s heavy with its combustion traffic fuels and fumes. You just have to visit London for the day and you can already feel your pores clogged with pollution by the time you get home. With the high levels of fumes surrounding such a populated environment, the latest innovation aiming for cleaner air is a cylindrical advertising stand. The stand encloses a stream of water mist, which traps the airborne pollution, ultimately purifying the air through the process. Whilst this advertising stand is provided a useful tool as trapping particles such as nitrous oxide (NOx) (which are commonly emitted on roads), it not only serves purpose for branding and advertisement, but to make the air that London citizens breathe in safer.