If you have a load that requires to be sent to Australia from the UK, you may need to be aware of the rules and regulations that come with exporting. Should you not follow the correct procedure, you may be charged or your load may not even be sent. Here are a few pointers to consider when shipping your goods:

Customs labels

According to the Royal Mail’s instructions, goods up to £270 require a CN22 customs label. This must be signed by the sender and attached to the top left corner of the item.

Goods over £270 require the CN23+ customs declaration. This must be placed in a adhesive plastic wallet SP 126.


Duty must be paid when loads are above the worth of $1,000 (AUS) or when goods contain tobacco or alcohol within the products.

Restricted items

You should be cautious of the restricted items that can be sent via courier into the country. An example of the types of restricted items are live animals, germs (diseases) and shaving brushes/brushes/toothbrushes made from animal hair/manufactured in Asia, South East Asia (excluding Japan and New Zealand. (Full list can be found on Royal Mail website).

Furthermore, prohibited items (items that are not permitted under any circumstances) consist of live animals, soil (no matter the quantity, including in plant pots), soap and candles. (Full list can be found on Royal Mail website).

How long will it take?

You should always allow plenty of time when you are importing goods into a country – especially if it is the other side of the world from its place of origin. According to Ship It, shipping from the UK to Australia is roughly 40 days (give or take a few days), depending on the port destination. Please note that a shipment to Adelaide compared to Sydney may be the difference of a few days. Courier services for small parcels can take around three days.


The cost of shipping your goods may vary depending on what the goods include, whether your loads are FCL or LCL, and how fast you would like the goods to be delivered. Based from research, current day shipping container prices are generally around £1,140 for a 20ft container, and £1,186 for a 40ft container. (These rates are based on research and are not representative of each company).