The Port of Cork, Ireland’s second largest port and the key facilitator of trade in the south of Ireland, today confirmed that its freight operations are continuing to operate smoothly, and that at present its arrivals schedule remains unaffected.

In addition to the Port of Cork’s existing robust hygiene standards, it is taking additional measures to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors to the Port of Cork. The Port’s preparedness plan has also been implemented, triggering the proactive execution of all necessary measures to ensure operational continuity.

Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer of Port of Cork, commented: “The Port of Cork’s logistics capabilities have been thoroughly stress-tested, and we are well positioned to support our customers and maintain our key position in the country’s supply chain. We will see to it that essential goods and medical supplies get to where they’re needed as quickly as possible.”

Capt. Paul O’Regan, Harbour Master and Chief Operations Officer of Port of Cork, added: “We are constantly monitoring this rapidly evolving situation, and have put additional sanitisation measures in place to ensure that all vessels berthing in Cork have a clean bill of health. Loading and discharging continues as normal at Port of Cork, and we are working closely with our partners day and night to assess any potential impacts. Even if delays do occur, we are confident we have the capacity to undertake any necessary mitigation and we will do everything we can to ensure that Ireland’s shelves remain stocked.”

Henry Kingston, Port Engineering Manager of the Port of Cork, continued: “Construction continues as normal on Cork Container Terminal (CCT), and the assembly of our ship-to-shore gantry cranes continues apace with both cranes now standing. Our on-site contractors are delivering in full compliance with all HSE and Health & Safety Authority guidelines.”

Please note, that the above guidance is currently correct as of this date. The Port of Cork is committed to transparency with its customers and partners and is doing everything possible to minimise delays and impacts in this dynamic situation. Updates will be provided when there are any changes to the current guidance.