Today (28th June), marks National Logistics Day, which celebrates the importance of the logistics industry, assisting global economies and trade.

The logistics industry was formed during Marco Polo’s travel to China, using the Silk Road. Polo wrote a detailed record of this journey, which noted paths for future traders to use between Europe and China.

Trade has evolved, and before a time of engines, turbines and tracks, trade was carried out through carriage and horse. 1896 marked the first “horseless carriage” (basically a semi-truck), which changed the way goods were transported throughout countries. This meant that there was no longer need to rely on horses to move goods.

Since then, trade and transport has come on leaps and bounds, incorporating other elements, such as AI technology, drones and robots. Whilst the method and process of transport may have changed, the importance of logistics certainly hasn’t. In fact, it could be argued that trade is more important these days than ever before. It solidifies links between countries and politics, it serves consumers more than ever before, and it is one of the pinnacle factors to global economy.

How are you celebrating National Logistics Day?


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