It has been announced that freight forwarders will now be able to access more slots at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. This decision has been made following the Dutch government’s recent approval of the ‘local rule’. 

Dealing with slot issues, it is hoped that the implication of the new rule will give freight forwarders more opportunities to access the buzzing airport. Furthermore, the rule is will ensure full freight forwarders hold historic rights by adjusting some administrative parameters – something that freighters ran into problems with previously. This is due to slots failing to meet the agreed schedule due to factors such as cargo flights being harder to accurately schedule than passenger flights.

Another benefit of the rule is that freighters will be assigned 25% of slots not flown a season due to unavoidable delays, such as bad weather, and cancellations.

The rule is set to come into effect on August 31, however sources have revealed that it is only likely to become operational after the summer season. These slots will be distributed among full freighters only, leaving the remaining 75% for passenger aircraft. Furthermore, the slots will be reserved in case of unforeseen circumstances such as maintenance.