Freightabase and its team are celebrating the six-month celebration of the platform’s launch.

Freightabase is an online comparison tool for the freight forwarding industry, which allows end users to fill out details of their required shipments. Once these details have been entered, the Freightabase team will find tailored specialist quotes to suit the user’s needs and requests; a guaranteed quality service.

The platform has also launched its own iOS and Android app, Quick Quote. The Quick Quote feature is a way for users to find prices of their load whilst they are on the go, just at the touch of a button.

Since the official launch at the beginning of September, Freightabase has generated over 15k monthly site visits, 56k monthly page views and over 17,500 quote requests.

The hard work doesn’t stop there – Freightabase has plans to become the most innovative tool within the freight forwarding industry, growing its figures not only in quote form, but as leads for the registered companies.

Have you seen what all the fuss is about yet? Visit for more information on how to find your quote today.

Download the Quick Quote app on iOS or Android.