There are now 30 days until the official Brexit deadline on the 29th March. Keeping up-to-date with the news is almost impossible, with updates flooding in to news outlets every day.

So, for the time stretched, here is our bulletin of all the latest announcements around Brexit which directly impact the UK logistics industry.

  • Seaborne Freight has officially lost their £13 million contract with the government. There have been calls for Chris Grayling to resign over this and other transportation issues
  • In the event of a No-Deal scenario, the UK will revert to World Trade Organisation (WTO) trading rules
  • A trade agreement with Japan will not be reached in time for the 29th March, in what is a huge blow for trade
  • The NHS fears that air freight costs for importing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment could be charged to individual hospitals and trusts. The government is currently unable to confirm if funding would be provided to trusts in this event
  • The UK may have a shortage of the ‘right’ pallets after Brexit, in the event of a No-Deal outcome. Under WTO rules, pallets must be treated to certain standards in order to prevent the movement of pests
  • Some London commuter trains could be cancelled in order to make room for emergency freight trains instead
  • Hauliers have applied for permits to be able to operate to and from Europe with disastrous results: one company applied for 35 permits to receive 2, with another applying for 60 and receiving 14
  • Compounding issues for UK hauliers include customs checks, counter-terrorism safety checks, public health checks and the lack of permits available.

More news to follow.