There are now 18 days until the official Brexit deadline on the 29th March.

Here is Freightabase’s latest news bulletin of all the latest announcements around Brexit which directly impact the UK logistics industry.

  • The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has revealed the results of a survey on post-Brexit business action. Outcomes included the revelation that a 24-hour delay at borders would see 20% of EU businesses push their UK-based suppliers for a discount, with 25% of EU businesses withholding payment until the goods had arrived.
  • The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has warned that road transportation will be the most significantly impacted post-Brexit, and that logistics firms should prepare to find themselves liable for any ‘difficulties’ arising from delays and customs clearance.
  • Workforce management consultancy, Quinyx, has published a report that estimates the cost of a ‘disorderly’ Brexit to amount to £6.7 billion by 2024. The study describes a delayed or No-Deal exit from the EU as examples of a ‘disorderly’ Brexit.
  • The Managing Director of East Midlands Airport has advised that contingency plans for a number of Brexit scenarios are being put in place to help mitigate impact. Airports are still waiting on government guidance on whether any further cargo checks will be introduced, which could cause similar standstills to those being anticipated at the UK’s busiest ports.
  • Consumers are being warned that food prices will sky-rocket in the event of a No-Deal Brexit outcome. Increased import taxes and transportation delays are being cited as a major cause, as 30% of our food currently comes from the European market.
  • Medicines are another regularly quoted commodity being labelled as precarious, as precautions are taken to ensure medicines are able to be imported post-Brexit. Pharmacies, hospitals and the like have been forming stockpiles of medicine in advance of the UK’s departure from Europe.