A heavy subject within the logistics industry at the moment is the safety of our current ferries. Ferry safety has been something the supply chain has been wary about over the last ten years. InterFerry reports suggest that the number of fatalities over recent years has been staggeringly lower than the fatality number in 2008, which was at 1,001.

InterFerry have announced that they will be holding an ‘informal talk’ in regards to the current safety of ferries throughout the logistics industry. The aim of the talks will be to gain a better understanding about how these safety measures have been set into place, thus successfully lowering the fatality rate. The talks are set to take place next week (18-22 March 2019), which will be relevant to shipowners, operators, regulators, naval architects, shipyards, classification societies, surveyors, insurers, the coastguard authority, tourism agencies, customers and media commentators.