According to Sky News, the government’s latest plans for freight and logistics in the event of a Brexit no-deal is for more cross-channel trains.

This new research has confirmed that new documents display a signed contract from the Department for Transport in conjunction with a company named Steer, Davies and Gleave. The document  offers advice regarding transporting critical supplies (e.g. medical supplies, should the UK leave the European Union without a deal.

Sky News have revealed that “the contract, which is worth up to £100,000, allows for the DfT to receive ‘technical expertise on rail freight operations and assurance on deliverability'”.
The department has already spent over £100m on contracts with ferry companies. These contracts aim to “offer emergency freight capacity in the event of a no-deal Brexit”, which started on 29 March – the original arranged date that the UK was due to leave the EU. As of recent news, this date has now been pushed back to October 31st 2019.