Rerelease of the Crown Courier’s Driver Application app increases accuracy levels of communication for customers and their deliveries.

Crown Couriers have announced their Driver Application app for Android is now available to its drivers. The latest app’s improvements includes increasing communication accuracy during delivery updates.

The Driver Application App means that drivers can log into the app which notifies the Crown Couriers team the driver’s availability to work, which makes the driver traceable.

Now a streamlined version of its previous version, the app reduces its data usage which allows Crown Couriers to track routes even more accurately. Customers are able to track their consignments at ease.

By providing a more accurate route, the communication between business to customer is much more accurate. The Driver Application app was initially used as a tool for GPS tracking, which enabled Crown Couriers to deliver features to its user, such as live location updates and route logs for each driver within its fleet.

Despite this small change, the benefits to the customer is significant and will greatly improve the level of communication Crown Couriers delivers to its customers.

Crown Couriers’ Marketing Executive, Katie Burke, added:

‘As a business, we’re continually looking at areas where we can make relatively small changes that have a significant impact on the overall level of service we deliver to our customers.

Developing this existing application, will see the quality of our tracking service increase significantly for our customers’.