Travelling further south, Luxembourg’s air cargo has been growing. Reports suggest that airline Cargolux’s profits have increased by almost three-quarters compared to last year. Cargolux claimed 2017 as their “best year in history”, yet the results of 2018 has overtaken 2017’s results, resulting in a sky-high performance with its “most profitable” results.

What does this look like in statistics? According to the Luxembourg Times, “Cargolux said net profit after tax reached $211.2 million (€188.4 million), up 72.7% from $122.3 million the previous year.”

Furthermore, revenue has soared by 16.4%, resulting in $2.6 billion. Cargolux’s air cargo has also reached 1,053,626 tonnes. Cargolux offer tailored services, such as transporting animals; from Beluga whales to white tigers, to vehicles; cars and large helicopters.

Cargolux was founded in 1940, and its headquarters is based at Luxembourg airport. Luxembourg airport supports all types of flight, including commercial, cargo and charter flights, as well as third party maintenance. Cargolux has a fleet of 28 planes and operates to 90 destinations.