Amazon workers have gone on strike across four separate logistics centres in Germany as part of a campaign for better pay and working conditions.

The strike began on Monday 15th April, and was co-ordinated by Verdi: a Trade Union representing workers across a number of sectors, including postal, shipping and logistics. It comes during a busy period for 3PL and last-mile logistics in particular as we approach the Easter bank holiday.

The current strike is expected to last until Thursday 18th, but it has been suggested that others may join over the Easter Holiday period.

The action has been instigated to encourage a collective agreement for better pay and conditions – a movement which has been long requested by Verdi. Retail employees and other mail-order workers currently see similar agreements; however, Amazon’s rebuttal continues on the basis that their staff are paid above the industry average. The giant also disputes the qualification of its workers being either retail or mail order-related, and reiterates its position as a logistics company.

“The employees are not giving up,” Verdi board member Stefanie Nutzenberger said in a statement.

“They want to put an end to the arbitrariness of a company that puts pressure on its employees with stressful work and controls.”

An Amazon spokesperson has said the company has only seen ‘very limited’ participation in the strike, according to a report by Reuters. Their spokesperson advised that customer operations and deliveries wouldn’t see a negative impact at this time.

Amazon have also stated that it is possible to be a fair and responsible employer without a collective agreement.

The strike continues.